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10 Tips to Using & Enjoying your New RV

Posted by RV Education 101.

So your new RV is finally home, sitting in the driveway. Now what? I would like to offer my top 10 tips for using, enjoying and protecting your new RV.

1)      The first step to enjoying your new RV is to plan the RV trips you are taking

Travel guides, magazines, state tourism boards and Internet sites offer valuable information to help you plan your RV trip. Route your trip on a map or from an Internet trip planning site. Always keep an atlas or maps in the RV or tow vehicle.  Driving a motor home or pulling a trailer can be stressful, especially if you don’t know the route you will be traveling.  Using a GPS system can make traveling much less stressful.

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RV Pre-Trip Checks

Posted by RV Education 101.

Let me ask you a question. If you were planning a 500 mile trip in your family automobile would you check the vehicle out before leaving on the trip? I mean would you check the fluid levels, tires, lights and windshield wipers to make sure everything was operating properly before attempting to travel 500 miles in the vehicle. I hope your answer was yes. If your answer was no there is a possibility you will be one of those vehicles you see stranded along the side of the Interstate, broken down 200 miles away from home or your vacation destination.

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More RV Education 101 Training Material

Posted by RV Education 101.

RV Education 101 offers a complete line of RV training DVD’s, books & ebooks.

We also packaged DVD’s into box sets, based on the type of RV you own, with discounted pricing to save you money.

Travel Trailer DVD box sets

Type A Motorhome DVD box sets

Type C Motorhome DVD box sets

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RV Safety Play and Learn Crossword

Posted by RV Education 101.

Have fun with this RV Safety crossword puzzle.

Hint: If you get stuck on the puzzle read the “RV Safety Stuff” article for clues

RV Safety Stuff you need to know

Posted by RV Education 101.

I think most RV owners go through some type of routine checks prior to taking their RV out for the first time each year. You check the tires, lights, appliances, LP gas and water system. But then a thought occurred to me, I wonder how many people remember to check all of the safety devices on the RV at the beginning of a new camping season?

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FREE Video Tips, Articles & RV Crosswords

Posted by RV Education 101.

Well that completes the RV Orientation online training program, but we don’t want your RV education to stop here. To help you with your continuing RV education we are including some links to some of our favorite and most informative RV training pages.

Enjoy and happy learning!

Click here to watch some free informative RV video tips

Click here to watch some free RV product review videos

Click here to have fun and learn with our play & learn RV crossword puzzles

Click here to reads some free informative RV articles

Click here to sign up for our free RV e-newsletter packed with great tips and information about RVing.

Click here to review our entire RV training series of DVD’s, books, & e-books

Thank you for participating in our program & have fun with your new RV!

Mark Polk

RV Education 101

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