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Prior to contacting the RV Orientation staff with questions concerning the program please review our FAQ’s to see if your question(s) are addressed here.

RV Orientation Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does RV Orientation mean?
A: RV orientation is a commonly used term for an RV dealer’s class given to the consumer after an RV is purchased. The term RV orientation  is used interchangeably with the term RV walk-through. We put the RV orientation (walk-through) class in video format to make it easier for you to learn how to safely and properly use your RV.

Q: How do I join the RV Orientation online training program?
A: If you go to www.rvorientation.com there is a “Add to Cart” link that you can buy the video. Or, if your RV dealer participates in the RV Orientation training program you can access the video at no cost to you. Talk to your participating RV dealer for more details.

Q: How does it work if I am referred to the online training program by my RV dealership?
A: If you are referred to the program by a dealer they will provide you with paperwork explaining how to easily access the online training.  Basically you are redirected to a payment site (no credit card or payment information is given) where you fill out the required information and enter a coupon code given to you by your RV dealer. The coupon code allows you complimentary access to the training program, for a limited time, at no cost to you. The RV training progarm is a complimentary gift from participating RV dealerships to show their appreciation, and to assist with your ongoing RV education.

Q: How much does it cost to join the RV Orientation program?
A: The cost of the program is a low one-time payment of $30.95. If your RV dealer participates in the RV Orientation online training program you can access the training at no charge to you.

Q: If I pay the one-time fee how is the program training material delivered?
A: After you make the one time payment of $30.95 you will receive a link to download the training video as soon as you go through the payment process.

Q: If I buy the RV Orientation video what will I learn about my RV?
A: The video is designed to instruct you on everything you need to know from the time you leave home until your trip is over. Some of the topics include: RV Water System, RV Wastewater System, RV LP Gas System, RV Electrical System, Basic RV safety, Ccmpground Hookups, & RV Accessories. There is also an 8 minute video on RV Essential Items and some great RV tips, RV articles and other bonus training material.

Q: How do I access my training video once I buy the video?
A: After the payment process you will be redirected to a link to download the video to your computer.

Q: Will I have unlimited access to the RV Orientation training material?
A: If you pay the one-time fee of $30.95 you will have unlimited access to the RV Orientation video on your computer. If you are referred to by an RV dealer, at no cost to you, you will be granted access to the RV Orientation program for 14 days.

Q: Will I be able to download the videos?
A: Yes

Q: How long is the video?
A: The feature video is 54 minutes in length. The Essential items video is approximately 10 minutes in length.

Q: Can the RV Orientation video be shared with other individuals?
A: No. When you buy this video you are agreeing to the RV Orientation terms and conditions which specify that sharing content with a non-purchaser is a copyright violation.

Q: Can I download and view the video on more than one computer?
A: The RV Orientation video allows you to access the training video on two different computers. For example, you would be able to work on the program on your PC and on your laptop, but if you attempted to access it on a third computer it would be blocked.

 Q: What if I would like to learn even more about my RV after completing the initial RV Orientation program?
: We offer DVD Box sets that cover everything you need to know about using and maintaining your RV. We have our DVD training separated by the type of RV you are interested in. For more information on our RV training series click on the links below.

Travel Trailer DVDs 
Type A DVDs
Type C DVDs
Pop-Up DVDs

If your question was not addressed in the FAQ section please email Dawn  (at) rveducation101.com


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