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Dear RV Owner,

This RV Orientation video program helps to build excitement prior to accepting delivery while providing preliminary training before the dealer staff gives the RV customer the official walk through. This will cut down on dealer orientation time, questions and follow-up calls to the dealership.

This online RV training program includes an RV orientation video similar to the walk-through class you receive at the RV dealership.  The RV Orientation videos are broken down into segments like campground setup, the LP gas system, water system, wastewater system, electrical system, RV appliances, RV accessories and much more.

You also receive a video presentation on Mark’s recommended “RV Essential Items.” This product review presentation informs you on what items you will need to purchase in addition to your “RV starter kit” to make all of your RVing experiences more enjoyable.

Our goal is to assist you with your RV education and to help make all of your RV experiences safe, fun & stress free.

If you are interested in learning about other RV topics after completing this online training program be sure to check out our entire RV training series available at RV Online Training

Happy RV Learning!

Mark & Dawn Polk

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